Wayne Higby at the MAG


entrance to the Wayne Higby retrospective at the Memorial Art Gallery

there is a great exhibit going on at the memorial art gallery right now... unfortunately it is only up for a few more days (until march 29th to be exact).  the exhibition of wayne higby's artwork guides the viewer through over 40 years of creation, from his early coil pots to large installations, complex boxes, bowls and tile sculptures. intimate drawings, sketches and plans are peppered in between the boxes, bowls and wall hung work.  

earlier tonight i worked my way through the always enjoyable permanent collection and into the retrospective exhibition of wayne higby with my wife, anni and fellow ceramicist and teacher, cathy morrill. as the curious people that we are we could be seen stopping and looking behind each piece to break down his processes, which more often than not led us to more questions.  what it boils down to is this, wayne higby is a master of his craft and his use of glaze and technique with raku is unmatched. 

although higby would say his work is not about landscape, it is an integral part of his aesthetic. from a distance, his work reads like a layered landscape, an optical illusion and an abstract painting all at once, but as you get closer it is impossible for me to not focus on the separation between the glazes and the subtleties left behind by the firing process.

Morrill reading about higby's tile sculpture forms

i was really impressed and inspired by what i saw tonight, glad that i had two fellow ceramicists to enjoy it with me


my beautiful wife with a section of higby's 'skywell falls'

first post

welcome to my new website.

i will be updating, adding and changing things as i familiarize myself with squarespace. this is my first crack at a blog and its been a while since ive had a website, but i have a good feeling about this place and what i can make of it. 

enjoy and stop back often for updates

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